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I don't mean to thread jack. yes I do know Hazel, about 3 months afterwards they gave her to a family in Casselman and they had her spayed, her owner thought it a waste when she made such nice pups, he kept the dad, huge yellow lab in a walk up one bedroom apartment, I kept in touch with them for two years till he bought the girlfriend another pup (looked just like brina) which he was going to breed with his lab...........grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr , I quit emailing them at that point and told him in a not so nice email what I thought of them. Brina came from a litter of 8 which he was asking 250 each and then when none sold he sent me an email asking for help, he had to take the pups to the spca when the landlord found out about them, we took Brina, I got in touch with friends, rescue's etc and all the pups found homes.
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