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Great News!!!!!!!

Update from the site!


Monday, July 4, 2011 - Falconwatch coordinator Annika Samuelsen reports: At 18:00 today Pigott was returned to the roof of the Sheraton. She barely put a talon to the ground before leaping into the air. Her flight was strong and directed. Observers watched her fly from the release spot, around the north face of the Stelco tower and past Gore Park, then circle back to the CIBC towers at King and James and out of sight. After an hour of scouring the rooftops to the south and east of King and James Pigott was spotted on the Effort Trust building at Catherine and Main. She spent most of the evening on that ledge, except for a short flight to join one of her siblings in the air. She managed to get back to the rooftop afterwards, although she struggled a bit with the landing. Pigott also reacted to the adults by calling, flapping and running whenever they were nearby.

For the first time this season Falconwatch volunteers observed at close range one of the young males chasing a pigeon. We were pretty sure both Gore and Thomson have been doing this for a few days now, but have not had the opportunity to see it first hand. Tuesday will certainly be an exciting day as we monitor the progress of Pigott and enjoy the impressive flights of Gore and Thomson!
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