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Originally Posted by dbg10 View Post
My next trial will be Nature's Variety Instinct to see if that appeals to him
Skip the Natures Variety Instinct, the only one that is low enough is canned chicken but just barely at 1.23% dry matter phosphorus, all the rest are far too high.

Here's a short food list here to start you off:

By Nature Organics Turkey & Turkey Liver, Chicken & Chicken Liver, Turkey & Chicken, Chicken & Mackerel, Beef & Beef Liver

Innova Flex Beef & Barley Stew
Evo 95% Chicken & Turkey

Felidae Platinum
Felidae Cat & Kitten
Felidae Grain Free

Merricks Before Grain 96% Beef
Merricks Before Grain 96% Turkey

Merricks Cowboy Cookout
Merricks Thanksgiving Day Dinner

Halo Spots Stew Wholesome Chicken
Halo Spots Stew Wholesome Turkey

Wellness Turkey, Chicken, Beef & Chicken, Beef & Salmon, Kitten, Wellness Core Chicken Turkey & Chicken Liver

Holistic Select Turkey & Barley
Holistic Select Duck & Chicken

Many more choices listed here

Originally Posted by dbg10 View Post
There you have it, the blood work wasn't really bad, he was dehydrated so that could account for some of the abnormal results and there was no urinalysis done due to the fact his bladder was totally empty. He goes back for another check in a few weeks and we'll see how he is then.
Hopefully they can get a urine sample at the next appt, that is just as crucial as creatinine for an accurate diagnosis, especially for one w/a history of crystals

The bloodwork does reflect dehydration, but it would be nice to see how much of that is just dehydration & what his cre averages at over a couple of tests to see what "normal" is.

Originally Posted by dbg10 View Post
He had lost 2 1/2 lbs since his last visit so that is a good thing as every bit he loses makes him more likely to improve.
Not unless he's currently several pounds overweight. I would far prefer a cat with kidney issues to be slightly chubby than to be normal/slightly underweight. Kidney cats tend to loose weight, sometimes quite rapidly, & it becomes very hard to bring them back up to normal especially once they've stopped eating normal serving sizes

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