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I'll have to get back to you on that, Chico. I am positive you'd need a special licence to keep a Dingo and very secure yards. Then it might depend too on which State you live in. They are beautiful animals but a problem in sheep country, according to a newspaper clipping Viv included with that photo, a property near Broken Hill has lost 3000 lambs to dingoes in the past two years. A Member of Parliament up there is asking for a $200 a head bounty on dingoes now but the Government is unlikely to grant that. Viv reckons the dingo fence is in need of repair so the Government should be spending money on repairing that instead.
The indigenous Australians kept Dingoes as pets for hunting but one book states 'although some natives discouraged wandering by dispationately snapping a foreleg, making the dog a dependent cripple.' It went on to say that as far as could be ascertained, the Dingo was not bred by the Aboriginal tribes because it would run off when it wanted to mate, so pups were always procured from the wild.
I'm sure they'd be reasonable pets in the right hands, with someone who was aware of their temperament and needs.
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