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Hello from Central Ohio!

Hi all!

I was just looking around the internet for help with my little dog's fear of fireworks and found this forum. I haven't had a chance to explore it much yet, but I'm looking forward to it!

I love animals, and have always had them in my life. I've had dogs by the dozens, cats, horses, snakes, mice, gerbils, guinea pigs, ferrets... Wow! I've had so many it's hard to remember.

Right now I have a little Jack Russel 'Terrorist' named Sparky. I adopted her from the humane society about 3 years ago, and I just love her to death. She's probably the smartest dog I've ever had.

Her biggest problem is anxiety. She's terrified of thunderstorms & fireworks and has EXTREME separation anxiety. From what I've read, separation anxiety seems to be more common in rescue dogs. We're working on it, but it's slow going. Right now I just feel so sorry for my little girl. This time of year with the fireworks and loud noises are so hard on her. Last night my neighborhood was just full of 'booms' and my poor little girl just huddled up next to me and shook the whole time.

Anyway, that's a little about me and Sparky.

I'm attaching a picture of my little girl...

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