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Originally Posted by growler~GateKeeper View Post
Pretty soon they'll figure out how to tip the platform & just dump the seeds on the ground

It's not for lack of trying! but even I have trouble dumping seed from these--they're pretty deep sides so you'd have to actually detach one hanger to get it to drop the seed. If they gnaw through the cord, though, I'm gonna be annoyed. But we have some sturdy gauge wire we could use instead if it happens.

My mum has a water dish out in her yard for the crows/little birds/squirrels and the raccoons or possibly the odd skunk coming at night have occasionally dumped the whole metal bowl upside down & right off the tree stump
I used to hang a platform feeder on a fallen popple tree. They used to bounce on it all the time and knock it off for easier pickin's. Finally, though, fat ol' Mom bounced too hard and broke off the hanging branch. So now they have to shinny up the pole to those feeders, instead.

Originally Posted by Melinda View Post
*L* sneaky little buggers, your pics are so nice and clear!!!
Yes, they are sneaky! But they don't see well. I was standing on a hemlock stump so that I was clear above our six-foot fence, totally in the open, and 50 feet away. They could evidently smell me, but even when they were looking straight at me, they couldn't see me The closer you can get, the clearer the pics.

Originally Posted by chico2 View Post
Oh Hazel,I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE them and the pics
Looking at those wonderful faces,how can anyone,like here in Ontario try to kill the babies with a shovel
I'm with you, chico.
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