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You're welcome, Melinda. I'm thinking of reviving my Setters' Corner site and setting it up for Storytime, instead. If I do, I'll pass on the link. Need to stop taking pics, though, so I can get it set up (so many pics, so much editing to do = not so much time to build the new site )

They look like stubby little mini-Moms, don't they, growler? I was amazed that after a few minutes I was able to tell them apart by their faces! With the adults I have to go by fur color, which is much easier to do--by the time they're grown, all the faces look alike to me. Mom is our biggest fem, so I suspect these guys are going to end up pretty big. Right now, the runt of the litter is the most adventurous of the four.

I think they do more damage in a suburban setting, chico. Here, with so much wild all around, they occasionally damage a feeder, but not much else, so we're very fortunate to be able to enjoy them with minimal hassle. The worst of it is bringing in the nectar feeders at night. If we forget, we have a lot of sticky raccoons on sugar highs running around outside for a few hours.
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