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Nail Fungus in a Cat


I know your post was some years ago now. But i saw this after looking into something similar that has recently happened to my Cat. They initially thought it was a nail bed infection. However he's been to a specialist in dermatology and she seems to think Chris (my fluffy black baby) has an autoimmune disease called Pemphigus Foliaceus. I was wondering did you get any further on with your cat and his nail problem. The picture you included looks exactly like what is going on in Chris' Nails. it started off in his left dew claw, then to his right dew claw and now after 4 months its spread to 6 nails altoghther. I'm at my wits end and worried for him as he may need to go on steroids to supress his immune system, but the problem is he has a slight heart mumor which can complicate matters.

PLEASE if you read this i would appreciate your update on your own cats issue.

Many thanks from Ireland xx
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