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update from the site


Saturday July 2, 2011 - Falconwatch Coordinator Alexis Jordan reports: It was muggy and humid, with only a very light wind, from dawn to dusk today. Although most would take the opportunity to keep cool and relax, the boys went non-stop during the morning and evening hours. With their constant vocalizing and flapping flight they were easy to spot from the time Falconwatchers arrived for both shifts. Even though they had lots of energy during these hours they managed to stay around the nest ledge area and in sight almost the time we were present.

This morning the boys spent most the the time eating mysterious food that we didn't see dropped but was in convenient places for them, possibly food stashed the night before. At one point I was able to closely observe from the Stelco Tower the two of them fighting over food on the roof of the Fairclough building. Pushing and shoving, biting and kicking, dragging and screeching were all elements of what seemed a display of both brotherly love and greediness. At this point mantling the item by extending their wings over it, a normal behaviour while eating, seems to be second nature to them, even if it meant backing off their own sibling! Later on the boys took turns intercepting an adult swooping in for a pigeon on the Robert Thomson building. When the adult caught the prey one of the youngsters came abruptly from the opposite direction and caused the adult to drop it for a moment before picking it back up. Quickly in pursuit the other one caused the adult to drop the prey, but missed catching it. The pigeon was very lucky this time around!

This evening all four Peregrines stayed within sight of each other in a small two block area on the east side of Stelco. I had yet to really experience that side of Stelco and it was amazing to see all four birds on relatively low roof buildings such as "The Right House" and the old Connaught Hotel, both of them near Gore Park. With full bellies, sometimes an adult and a youngster even settled quietly on the same rooftop. On one occasion Madame X and Surge were perched on separate but very close railings on the Connaught. I haven't seen the two adults that close together since the boys left the nest. It was a very family oriented and almost romantic end to the evening.

Morning and evening Falconwatch sessions have ended until Pigott returns. Watch this space. We will keep you posted.
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