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update from the site


Thursday June 30, 2011 - Lead Monitor Audrey Gamble reports: Gore and Thomson were in and out of view this morning, heading far to the south and east. Coordinator Alexis Jordan reports seeing one of the boys cast a pellet today. This is the normal way Peregrines get rid of indigestible parts of their food. The pair were in view for most of the evening, with only short forays to chase an adult or practice dives. A favorite perch is the tall antenna on the old Royal Connaught Hotel. With the evening sun shining on them I think this is probably the most beautiful and entertaining phase of Falconwatch. The brothers are increasingly adult in both appearance and behaviour, and are spending more time apart from one another and longer periods out of view. However they still aren't too grown up to play and explore all the rooftop cracks and crevices, especially Thomson. Gore seems to be the more staid of the two, even in the way he flies! Both boys had food from their parents this evening and all four birds were back in the home neighbourhood of the Sheraton at dusk. I hope that will soon be all five birds!
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