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June, July, August is Winter here, mikischo , and so far it's too dry, only half the usual rain for June. We usually get snow on Mt William in the Grampians National Park, which is 30 miles from us, and have had light snow 4 miles away, but never any here, no. Lowest we've had in July was -5C, and the highest was 24.5C. Wish winter could be like that all the time.
I visited the local garden centre today to see what I can add to my garden for winter colour and managed to find a really nice ruby red daisy, a white chrysanthemum, some nice pansies, a big pink salvia, a campanula(which isn't flowering), and added to some Tiger lilies and Oriental lilies that were in the mail today, I had a bit of planting to do.
It's funny, this gardening addiction. I was just given a book about my ancestors on my mother's side, who arrived here in 1854, and my great-great- grandfather was down as a gardener on the passenger list. Some of his work was in Vineyards, which was why he was sponsored to come out here. I don't know the first thing about grapes, but I reckon I might have got on okay with the old guy. LOL.
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