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Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
Lucky and Penny only roll in the poop balls? Our guys find rabbit raisins to be delectable
Oh, our guys find them delicious too. Only I have them on leash in the front yard so, if I don't let them snack, they figure they may as well roll in it .

Originally Posted by klmccallum View Post
Beautiful array of feeders LP! I especially like the bright red one at the end and what a great idea for DH to make them filling height! Any returning Orioles?
Yeah, last one he put up for me, I had to wait til he was home to hold the ladder steady when I filled it . Love the red one too . Dh thought it was neat and is looking forward to seeing Orioles too! I haven't seen them around but do hear them so, I hope they'll be visiting soon . The other two feeders Chris' dh, Pepe, made by hand. Crazy how talented he is! I have some bird houses too but, haven't figured out the best place to put them up yet.

Originally Posted by klmccallum View Post
A co-worker of mine went over to the states tonight and picked me up a 32 oz jar of Wal-mart (Sam's Club) Grape Jelly for 3 bucks! Twice the size of the ones here in Canada for the same price!

Too bad about the sunflowers but at least the little culprit has something else to nibble on. Do you think the sunflowers may still bloom?
Great deal on the jelly! I keep wondering how come it's so expensive . Have you thought about making your own? I wonder if it's difficult.

Oh no, the sunflowers definitely aren't going to bloom . They get eaten right down to tiny stubs. That's ok though. I'll try to figure a way to grow a garden of them next summer (maybe with chicken wire or something around them). I did plant two under Sandman's bedroom window though that are growing fine as they're in the backyard.
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