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Still no further updates on Piggot. Here is an update on the boys!!


Monday June 27, 2011 - Falconwatch Coordinator Annika Samuelsen reports: Thomson and Gore spent most of today well beyond the eyes of Falconwatch volunteers, exploring both to the east and west of the Sheraton. One observer watched the siblings chase each other as far as the Hamilton General Hospital! When they were in sight the two boys were flying with exceptional speed and control and were mastering difficult landings, including one on the antenna of the Connaught Hotel near Gore Park. Late in the evening our volunteers watched exciting flights as the adults dropped prey for the youngsters to catch. Both Gore and Thomson successfully caught a pigeon in mid-air and, albeit with some difficulty, were able to carry the prey up to a nearby ledge where they could eat it. On several occasions during the day Thomson perched as if to say "Hi" on the window ledge of the Stelco tower floor from which volunteers watch.
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