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I can post more pics, but unless the squash and water melon grow, new pictures will look pretty much like the third picture, because I have already started harvesting the plants. We have picked the lettuce to use on hamburgers and I made peppermint tea on Sunday. I kind of overdid it on the mint plants, but they were the one plant I was pretty sure would grow, and I wanted something to survive. I wasn't expecting almost everything to grow! This year I'm kind of experimenting. I put the lettuce up high in the middle and that seems to have kept it out of reach of the rabbits.
Hazel, the wall the planter is leaning against is the wall of our garage. It might be hard to see, but the planter is a little slanted because there is a stump behind it right up against the garage that we have never been able to fully remove. If you do make one either have several people with muscles available to move it after it's full, or put it upright, pack in one row of dirt really tight, put in plants, fill next row with dirt, pack tight, repeat. This thing is HEAVY and mine isn't even full all the way. If I had filled it up, I'm not sure we would have got it standing.
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