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Question Hmmmm Help?!

Jackson is a 2 year old springer. Sweetest lil thing on 4 legs but lately there have been som concern. With the onset of summer Jackson's eyes are really goopy allll the time. You clean away the goo and 5 mins later you are doing it again. It's not discoloured ( yellow or green ) with signs of infection but I did notice his eyes have started to cloud a little bit. He also is suddenly barking allll the time at any little noise and even barks at dad. I also noticed if we are playing a game with him and he is far away he will move closer to see what we are saying. A sign of cataracts??? Or maybe just seasonal alergies?
On another note just a few days ago he started having the 'poops' and still is. He never has accidents in the house but suddenly is going several times a day and cannot hold it. There has been no significant changes in his diet but we did take him swimming a day or so before, could it have been something in the water? I know it's alot to sift through but I am growing more concerned and am looking for some feedback. Thanks
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