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LOL Patti, he's so busy doing ours and his mom's that he doesn't have time to do anyone else's! Luckily, they've all either moved on or dispersed into the woods for nesting, so we have a month or so break before the seed bills start rising again!

How wonderful the way that worked out for the injured male, Melinda...and the fem, too! Do you need special permits to rehab wild birds there? Here it's so regulated that people who have the experience, but not the license, can't come to the aid of an injured animal. Our local wildlife rehab facility just closed down due to lack of funds. What a loss that was.

breeze, the feeders they went after the most were the platform feeders with sunflower seeds in them. We use the black oil sunflower instead of the striped sunflower--it seems to appeal to a bigger variety of birds. (Although we did discover this winter that the red-bellied woodpecker is also very fond of corn, of all things! Very odd!)
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