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Cool Thank you Luckypenny

I really liked that link you posted of the pallet planter, and I made one. It's working really well, even though it only got filled up halfway because I ran out of plants and dirt at about the same time. Only one plant didn't survive all the rest are thriving. Here's the planter built but empty, the planter just after planting, and the planter after two weeks. In case your interested, these are the plants. I'm experimenting to see waht will grow.

bottom row, left to right.: watermelon, Purple ruffles basil(died), lemon balm, spearmint, cinnamon basil, butternut squash.
2nd from bottom: oregano, chocolate mint, spearmint, spearmint, garden sage
3rd row from bottom: grand rapids lettuce x 8, Romaine lettuce x 6, spearmint
4th row from bottom: romaine lettuce x 2, supposed to be head lettuce x 4 (Aunt Lois says 3 of the plants look more like Bostone lettuce, possible mix up at the green house?
All by itself up top: garlic chives.
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