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When I was a teenager, a man used to bring me baby raccoons that were found motherless in the woods. ( I didnt think about it then, but now my guess would be he probably shot the mother, glad I didn't know) I raised them, and they were the most fun pets to have. They would have free run of the outside, and live in a doghouse. I would bring them in the house, and they would eat grapes, but first wash their hands in the toilet. My mother wasn't too thrilled when they made a game of climbing up the drapes. I had a collie, and he and one raccoon were best friends, everyday they would go out in the woods together, and come back hours later, walking side by side. It was amazing. After awhile, the raccoon would stay away longer, and only come back every couple of days, then not at all. Nowdays I'm sure you could get in trouble for raising them. Even though it was many, many years ago, I'll never forget how smart they were, and how much fun.
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