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Originally Posted by chico2 View Post
ALC,love all your pics,especially the Brown Tabby in the snuggle-pic
Thank you! Nermal is the brown tabby and he is "my" cat, and so is the black cat. Nermal and Penny were gifts to me from my mom when my father passed away. They are both rescue kitties. Garfield is both mine and my mom's, I adopted him as a friend for Nermal since he wasn't getting along with Lily (they have a truce now) and he regards Penny and Emma as his "kittens." We got both girls when they were kittens and he was about a year old, and ever since then he has taken care of them and treated them like they were his kittens. It's funny to watch.

Everyone gets along in the house for the most part. Lily doesn't really like the dog or the other cats, but she tolerates them. The dog and the other cats all get along great, so it's pretty harmonious.
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