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update from the site


Thursday evening June 23, 2011 - Falconwatch Coordinator Alexis Jordan reports: Pigott spent her day in rehab awaiting her health check outcome. The word is that she has no fractures or breaks, but did receive some soft tissue damage. She is on low activity watch for the next four days, and will then be reassessed for return to the nest.

Today, with Pigott away, we watched the 'Boys' being boys. Everyone enjoyed the airshow we were seeing and noted that where one goes, the other is usually close behind. During their aerobatics both Gore and Thomson were talon touching, chasing each other and generally making a ruckus. Sometimes they were fooling around so much that they would go off course. During one particular play fight, sorry I mean "flight", one went slightly off course and seemed to just brush a window on Standard Life. This can be a normal occurrence, but falconwatchers must check to see if the chick's flight after that is altered. This bird was fine and the two continued to play. With hunting lessons coming soon, one of the boys' instincts took him into a tucked-wing dive towards the overpass on King Street after some pigeons. It was fun to watch until we realized the chick was extremely close to the traffic. Luckily, he was just trying out his skills and it never got out of hand. Otherwise, the youngsters spent most the their time on Standard Life. Madame X spent was out of sight most of the time but did make several meal drops. Surge came over a couple of times to try to convince them to fly with him. With five feedings today Gore and Thomson didn't go hungry; they both turned in early, settling down by 19:55.
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