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I've already posted in the dog and cat behavior forum, but I'd like to introduce myself to the group here. I posted there first because I was desperate for advice. I was not disappointed! Everyone has been wonderful!

I share a home with my mom, five cats, and a dog. We also have some fish and turtles. I still live at home because of economic hardship but thankfully my mom and I support each other in our care of the pets.

But enough about me! My dog is named Abby and she's a pomeranian, about four years old. My cats are Nermal, Penny, Garfield, Emma, and Lily. All are spayed and neutered and the cats are indoor cats. We have neighbors that like to shoot kitties, so I keep them in where they are safe from bullets.

Nermal and Garfield were overweight but I have brought their weights down considerably and they are still losing and doing better, so don't be alarmed by the out of date picture I posted (it's the only one I have with them together!)

I uploaded pictures of Penny, Garfield and Nermal, and Emma. Penny is the black cat, Garfield is the orange tabby, Nermal is the brown tabby, and Emma is the gray cat. I'll post pictures of Lily and Abby after this one.

We're all grateful for everyone's help here!
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