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update from the site


Wednesday June 22, 2011 - Falconwatch Coordinator Annika Samuelsen reports: Although her siblings, Gore and Thomson, spent a lot of time chasing each other in the air and soaring high, Pigott seemed a little afraid to attempt a second flight today and spent most of her time perched by the video camera, sometimes marching back and forth on the south ledge of the Sheraton. Late in the day she did some exercising of her wings and made the short jump back into the nest. As the fog rolled in this evening the two young males retired to their usual roosts for the night, Thomson with Pigott on the nest ledge and Gore on the Stelco tower. Madame X and Surge provided many meals for their youngsters. Madame X was also observed dropping and catching food in mid-air, a demonstration of how to catch food on the wing for the benefit of her two boys who were following her closely behind.


Follow-up for Tuesday June 21, 2011 - Falconwatch Coordinator Alexis Jordan reports: Tuesday's events were hair raising and Falconwatchers again put in lots of extra time due to the difficult circumstances with Pigott. The team did an excellent job looking after her following her first flight and then with the rescue. There were other highlights worth mentioning as well. The male chicks spent most of their time based on the grate on top of the Stelco tower, flying around and catching thermals. They are becoming experienced fliers playing in the sky above us, a real sight to see for pedestrians passing by. The boys were vocalizing, talon touching, and chasing after each other over King Street. At one point this continued for almost five minutes! In the meantime Madame X was out hunting - right in front of our eyes on King Street!! With her skill and size she managed to capture a pigeon off the wall of Standard Life, then flew east with it. The pigeon was so big and heavy that Madame X was actually flying down King Street with it at windshield level. A volunteer and I worried for her safety and came very close to trying to stop traffic. After struggling to get out of the danger from vehicles she managed to settle on a light fixture right outside the entrance to Jackson Square. This created quite a scene for onlookers who watched as Madame X dressed the pigeon only 15 feet up. Feathers were flying everywhere! It was truly amazing for those who watched. She then delivered this meal to the boys, who flew down to meet her and enjoyed their first meal of the day on the Thomson building. Not even a half hour later Surge decided to try to hunting at street level; although a bunch of feathers went flying he just missed his meal.

One other highlight worth mentioning came around 17:30 when two gulls decided to pester Pigott on the Sheraton pool roof when the adults weren't around to chase them off. Pigott kept her eyes on the gulls diving at her and crouched and spread her wings, but stood her ground very well and didn't seem scared! Again, thanks to the volunteers and members of the public who helped make sure the birds were safe on this very busy day.
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