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Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
What did you find out, DogsyDog? Glad to hear Coffee's feelin' a bit better! Not a good idea to rely on the internet, though--lots of misinformation out there.

Pups do tend to get pretty cruxy, though, when teething. We always used to use old washcloths--get them damp, throw them in the freezer, let her chew on them while frozen (supervised, of course, so she can't ingest pieces). Seem to soothe the gums and will help her work the old teeth out...
Thanks for your concern hazelrunpack, and I appreciate your advice and will try your trick/tip tonight with the cloth.

I found some info on some site, won't divuldge name here, but here is the text: "Physical distress. Whining, apathy and diarrhea may appear. For some puppies, teething can be quite painful, and they respond as they would if they had any other physical ailment. A teething puppy may whine for no apparent reason. Puppies in pain may become apathetic and less interested in playing. There may be a disruption of the puppy's digestive tract--the puppy's appetite may wane and bowel movements may become loose and watery. "

I had made some "Slush Puppies" last weekend which seemed to help her "teething", from the idea from a post by "Carina", the frozen cloth sounds brilliant, thanks again.

Attached was my tryout with the frozen treats and biscuits in ice.

Kind regards

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