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Originally Posted by ALC View Post
Now I feel like such a jerk
I'm sure Lily doesn't think so! Cats can be amazingly forgiving of our human foibles. It can be hard sometimes to know what's behavioural and what's medical, so I've learned to err on the side of medical. When I was a kid my best friend was a big stray tom cat that followed me home from school one day. A year or so after he came to live with us, he started chowing down on a houseplant that he'd never shown any interest in before. He was constantly trying to eat that plant, and it drove my mom nuts (it was some kind of large ficus that couldn't be moved). She would yell at him every time she saw him doing it. But that didn't stop him, he would just be sneakier about it. Fastforward a couple months - he was diagnosed with feline leukemia and it was discovered that his esophagus was filled with tumors. The obsessive plant-eating was his attempt to "clear his throat".
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