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Thank you for the replies

"When was her last check-up? Did she have a senior blood panel and a urinalysis done?"

It's been a few months since her last appointment. I don't know if she had a urinalysis or a senior blood panel done, I will ask my mom when she gets home. If she didn't, I'll be sure to note it in her little book that we need one done.

"What is the special food she eats?"

It is science diet for food allergies.

Most of the time we don't even squirt her with water or tap the bum. And when I say tap, I mean tap. I just wanted to be honest about what type of correction we do use when we use it. I just shoo her away from the food and hide it from her, or let her out on the porch where she can watch the birds for awhile (again with a potty, food, water, and all the amenities) while she is out there.

My mom has to wait until payday (tomorrow) to get Lily to the vet. At first the problem wasn't that bad, but it has been escalating and we know she needs to see the vet.
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