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Question heart problems following spleen removal

Help. I am totally confused. My old Border collie needed his spleen urgently removed. Following this he has developed heart problems, I have spent hours on the internet trying to find information. I have found very brief statements that have sugested that heart problems can be the cause of spleen disease, and others that have briefly suggested that heart problems can be a complication of a spleenectomy. But they have not elaborated on this. My dog has been put on fortekor, but does not seem to be doing so well. His mucous membranes become almost white following any short vigorous exercise. I keep him as quiet as possible, but he wants to play ball and cant understand why I am not encouraging him in his games as I use too. A month ago he enjoyed following a pony on rides out.(so his fittness level was good and showed no outward signs of any heart problems)
If there is any one who has had a similar case or knows of one, I would love to hear their views. my vet is also very vague on the whole thing.
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