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All Kinds of updates!! All 3 have fledged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday June 21, 2011 - Falconwatch Coordinator Alexis Jordan reports: At 09:14 this morning, just as I was starting my shift, Pigott decided that enough was enough and left the nest ledge, taking a strong flight across King Street and over the Art Gallery. The image at left shows her just as she was leaving the Sheraton. Escorted by one of her brothers she then came back to the Sheraton but failed to gain much height. When an attempted landing on a window ledge didn't work out, Pigott sort of skidded down the side of the building and out of sight. Senior Monitor Mike Street and I rushed to the pool deck to find Pigott looking very healthy and active - she had landed on the roof of the Sheraton's swiming pool. As of 13:00 she is still in that spot, people watching, checking out the traffic and watching her brothers as they zip by overhead. It won't be too long before she takes her second flight.


Monday June 20, 2011 - Falconwatch Coordinator Annika Samuelson reports: I'm hoping that everyone will be watching the website closely on Tuesday because after what we saw today, it seems very likely that Pigott may attempt her first flight. Volunteers observed Pigott frequently peering over the side of the nest ledge (left) and bobbing her head, and often flapping her wings very hard when her siblings or parents flew nearby. Gore and Thomson are now flying very well. For most of the day they perched on Standard Life and the Sheraton, making short flights with precise landings. Late this afternoon volunteers had the pleasure of watching Thomson and Gore soar well above the Stelco Tower for almost a minute and a half and then land on the very top of Stelco. Gore then made the long flight from Stelco to the north face of the BDC building and back, a flight that showed that he has both strength and endurance. Understandably, all the youngsters were worn out by the end of the day. At dusk, Thomson and Pigott were tucked away in the nest and Gore was perched safely on Stelco. Madame X and Surge provided many meals to the youngsters throughout the day and were both perched nearby when we left.

Falconwatch volunteers are still raising funds for the 2011 season. While Falconwatch does not cost tons of money, there are expenses to be covered. If you would like to help Falconwatch 2011 by making a tax deductible donation, please click on the 'Make a Donation' link above. Thank you.


Sunday Evening June 19, 2011 - Falconwatch Coordinator Alexis Jordan reports: Happy Father's Day to everyone. and let's not forget Surge! Being the great dad he is, Surge spent most of his day giving as many as four food catches to the chicks and settling for the leftovers. The story today was definitely the magnificent flights of both males. Thomson, like most youngsters now able to explore, used his wings and was curious about everything he came across. Around 18:00 hours he made a remarkable flight from Standard Life to the top of the grate on the Stelco roof, well over 24 floors up. From take off to landing he was in the air circling and sweeping in and out between buildings for an overall flight time of one minute. When Madame X had a catch she lured him back down. With wings tucked in and at a sharp angle, he zipped over to a perfect landing landing right next to her. He also was a good brother and retired early to the nest with Pigott (left).

After finally getting away from Fairclough and up to Standard Life, Gore spent most of his time going back and forth to the upper roof of the Sheraton. He and Thomson got up to mischief, playing and fighting over food when it came in. Gore wasn't as confident with taking off and flying as his brother, but when he did fly he showed he had what it took. He hasn't returned to the nest since leaving Friday, but before dark tonight it looked like he wanted to get back there. Finally, however, at 20:45 he flew from the Sheraton roof above the nest up to the 21st floor of Stelco, apparently for an overnight stay.

Pigott has flapped her wings, pulled out some more of her white fluff and done lots of head bobbing, but she hasn't left the nest yet. Her turn will come soon.
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