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*waves from Nova Scotia*

Hello, I'm new! Obviously, or I wouldn't be posting here, right? Haha!

Anyway... I'm Melissa, from Halifax, Nova Scotia, and the proud owner of two Italian Greyhounds. Well, soon to be two IGs... my second one arrives this week from Alberta.

My first iggy is Ophelia, who is ten months old. She's a seal and white colour, and just near perfect. She's tiny, only 8lbs. We show her in conformation; on our first day out she took Best Puppy in Group!

Our new iggy is Ophelia's littermate, a boy named Chester. He's a red/sable, and (obviously, being a littermate) is also ten months old.

They are my first 'little' dogs, as I've always had large breeds, namely rottweilers before now. It's been interesting!

Anywho, thanks for having me!
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