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Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post

Don't get cocky, though--mice are tricksie...and the little devils breed like....well, like mice! There will be more... Probably tomorrow

This time of year we don't usually have a problem with them, but come Fall, all the mice in the neighborhood try to move into our garage. We have a whole little collection of live traps that we set up. hubby only releases them at the end of the drive, though, about 150 ft away. hubby thinks that's far away, but I'm pretty sure they beat him back down the drive to the house. After all, that's where the food those live traps!
None today either but your right they probably be back, I caught a few very little ones, the last one I let go was a great big fat one that didn't wanna get out of the trap, I think she wanted to finish the peanut
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