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Hi Rumor, welcome to the forum, would love to see pics of your girl if you have some you'd like to share

Originally Posted by Rumor View Post
I have spent many late nights reading websites on CRF and I am having a hard time making sense of the catfood info. I had pretty much determined that the EVO 95% Beef and 95% Venison might be the way to go, but all the info on here is several years old. Does anyone know if they still fall into a low phosphorous range? I have looked through the charts of cat food, canned and dry, but they are a bit outdated (2005, 2008). Anything more recent that I am not finding?
The EVO 95% Beef is okay, after conversions works out to 1.24% dry matter phosphorus, you want to stay below 1.25% dm.

The EVO 95% Venison is far too high, after conversion works out to 2.05% dry matter phosphorus

The Evo 95% Chicken & Turkey is great, after after conversion works out to 0.88% dry matter phosphorus

As mentioned by mikischo above there are more listed in that post, I'll repost them here too:

Some good quality low phos canned food choices for you:

By Nature Organics Turkey & Turkey Liver, Chicken & Chicken Liver, Turkey & Chicken, Chicken & Mackerel, Beef & Beef Liver

Innova Flex Beef & Barley Stew
Evo 95% Chicken & Turkey

Felidae Platinum
Felidae Cat & Kitten
Felidae Grain Free

Merricks Before Grain 96% Beef
Merricks Before Grain 96% Turkey

Merricks Cowboy Cookout
Merricks Thanksgiving Day Dinner

Halo Spots Stew Wholesome Chicken
Halo Spots Stew Wholesome Turkey

Wellness Turkey, Chicken, Beef & Chicken, Beef & Salmon, Kitten, Wellness Core Chicken Turkey & Chicken Liver

Holistic Select Turkey & Barley
Holistic Select Duck & Chicken

This is a currently updated list 2010-2011 the foods are listed in order of lowest amount of dry matter phosphorus, it's up to you to decide what ingredients are acceptable, the manufactures websites are also listed to help in that regard. Tanya's Feline CRF US Canned Food Data Tables
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