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Originally Posted by Longblades View Post
You will have to read up on the standard accepted in S. Africa to find out why. Different countries allow differences in breeds. In my breed, Labs, a certain controversial colour is described quite differently in the U.S. AKC than it is in the Canadian CKC. And I do not mean to mislead you as it is not the registering body who devises the standard but rather the breed club. You need to find the breed club for S. Africa. Sometimes though, the registering body is easier to find.

Out of curiosity I did check here

You can see the colour is not encouraged but it is not listed as a disqualifying fault. It doesn't say why. In Canada that is. We don't have many Staffies here. I've only seen one real live one and I was amazed how small they are. Think in my mind I'd confused them with the American Staffy up till now, which are bigger.

Hi Longblades,

thanks for all your input and your information with the link, very much appreciated. Yeah I think the American Staffie has longer legs and and abit of a bigger torso, but the pics I've seen look more pit bullish, and the American Staffie has a slightly shorter life span.

Thanks again, I would still value anyone else's info from all parts of the globe, so still feel free to post.

Kind regards

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