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I think she is a mix with a German Shepard, but have no real way to find out.

She is about 6 or 7 years old right now. She has also been showing intolerance to exercise, which I thought was due to her weight gain and lazy winter, but that is also a symptom of hypothyroidism.... She seems to have joint pain after any exercise she does get. Another thing I've read is that their coats look shaggy and messy and hers definitely does. I have one of those Furminator brushes and it is almost obscene how much hair comes out. I have to vacuum multiple times a day to keep the hair down in my house and our carpets get a carpet of hair on the top.

It's never happened like this before and is extreme. I will get her tested for any blood issues.

The other thing I wondered about is maybe it is stress? her best friend Luna, our other dog; is dying of bladder cancer and I wondered if maybe she sensed that?

either way, her vet check up will help find the answer!
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