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update from the site


Friday Evening June 17, 2011 - Falconwatch Coordinator Annika Samuelson reports: Today was another exciting day at Falconwatch. When I arrived this morning volunteers were already tracking Gore, who had taken his first flight and was hanging out on the west side of the Standard Life Building. He made a deliberate and controlled flight to the west side of the Robert Thomson Building a little later in the morning and stayed there for a while, walking confidently back and forth along the edge of the roof, exercising his wings frequently and bobbing his head. Head bobbing is how for falcons and other birds to calculate the distance to their next perch, and is often observed before they take flight. Just before lunch Gore took a misstep and slipped a few windows down. Although he was able to straighten himself out, he did not have enough power to fly to a higher roof and landed across King Street, six floors up on the east side of the Fairclough Building. The window ledges on Fairclough are slanted and there is very little to hold on to, but Gore managed to stay up there for the rest of the day. The adults flew by a couple times to see how he was doing but did not attempt to land beside him. When Falconwatch ended at dark this evening, Gore was still safe on the ledge, asleep.

Just after 16:00 this afternoon we welcomed back Thomson, who was returning after a quick medical checkup. The youngster took very little time to get his bearings, and within minutes of being placed on the Sheraton roof was up on the parapet, where Madame X brought him food almost immediately. Around 18:00 he walked over to the TV camera area and hopped back into the nest ledge, where he spent the rest of the evening with his sister. In the image at left Thomson is hunched down a bit and Pigott is stretching, but the normal difference in size between male and female Peregrine chicks can be easily seen. Pigott, being larger and so heavier, has yet to attempt her first flight, but we are watching her closely in anticipation of it. Thanks again to all the volunteers who turned out today. We certainly needed all the help we could get and are very grateful for your contributions.
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