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Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
Great picture, Canadianbella!! Look at that smile!!!
Thanks ! He loves his teddy. It's actually a Scentsy Buddy he stole from our stock, guess that's not getting sold now LOL. Imagine a 10 lbs dog trying to pull that away. Definitely funny to watch.

Originally Posted by pbpatti View Post
OH MY, Canadianbella what a sweet little pooch you go there. I love lovre love her smile patti
Hehe thank you !

Originally Posted by chico2 View Post
What a little cutie
Thanks ! This was about a week before we had to get him shaved, and boy did he need it. 7" of hair + my allergies, we were both miserable lol

Originally Posted by klmccallum View Post
Not only is Sparky sitting in front of a window, he's got the big "Cheese" smile going on too, Canadianbella!

Great pictures everyone!
He sits on the window ledge to nap every day
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