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update from the site


Friday June 17, 2011 - Senior Monitor Mike Street reports: At 07:37 this morning Gore left the nest ledge, possibly by accident when Pigott spread her wings and started flapping strongly, possibly on his own because Surge and Madame X had been doing a bit of a tango with food on both roofs of the Standard Life Building. That's where Gore was located a few minutes later. He quickly started exploring his new surroundings, occasionally 'pancaking' on his tummy for a rest. At last report Falconwatchers were located on Bay Street as well as in the usual spots to keep a close eye on this guy. BREAKING NEWS: 11:15 - Thomson has been given a clean bill of health and will be back at the Sheraton later this afternoon. It has been noted that his flight yesterday was exactly one year to the day of the first chick flight last year.


Thursday Evening June 16, 2011 - Falconwatch Coordinator Alexis Jordan reports: THANKS to all the volunteers who helped out today! Some showed up outside of their time slot or left a lot later than their scheduled time or came in early or even when they weren't on the schedule or called family members to come and help out. We really couldn't have managed today's events without each and every one of them. Things were on the move early. Half an hour before my arrival a chick had left the ledge, possibly or even probably an accidental slip, and I had to sort out the logistics of the situation with, of course, advice from others. The lesson of the day seems to be "Never turn away from a chick that is hungry if there is food nearby". Thomson left the ledge just before the first meal of the day was delivered, and took his next flight after the second meal arrived at the nest. With the many eyes on hand (still never enough) we managed a smooth rescue. The rest of Thursday went well, with a couple angry gulls, a very unwary pigeon that became food right in front of our eyes, and a lone Turkey Vulture that got an unwelcome visit from Madame X and Surge. With a total of at least four food captures and an overall six meal drop-offs since dawn, after lots of flapping the chicks retired to bed - peacefully, thank goodness. It was a long day for all of us.
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