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Originally Posted by Carina View Post
You can give her ice to chew, it helps soothe sore gums, and chewing is important to help loosen puppy teeth. Ice cubes, or ice frozen in larger things like youghurt tubs. You can put little hot dog shavings in the ice to encourage chewing. Also try soaking an old t-shirt or something in water, knotting it up & freeze that.

The blood smell is common during teething. The earlier "garlicky" type puppy breath is due to puppy digestive juices, which change after they are weaned.

You might also notice her ears setting crooked, this is also due to teething & will go away.
Hi Carina

Great Posts, I hope you still apart of this forum. Just as you said, I had thought that is what is going on with my Staffie pup, interesting with the ear info though, thanks

kind regards

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