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Thank you all so much for a warm welcoming! I know most of you know what it feels like to loose a dog. I didn't know what it meant, until I lost Tim, since he was my first dog. The thing is, most people don't really understand, which makes the whole thing even worse. It is almost as if you have to apologize for reacting so strongly; it is "only" a dog. But for me Tim was so much more: he was really my best friend. Even if he had been sick for a while, I was really chocked. The day before he was fine, playing with his ball, eating his food, going for walks, and the next morning I found him all cold in his bed.

Yes, I really have my hands full with the "little monsters". I am so happy to hear there are more "crazy people" (daring to get two puppies at the same time) on this planet. And I am so lucky to have found you here!

I will try and put some pics on my doggies... but you might have to have patience, I am really terrible with computors.
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