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Welcome , Groenendael. Sorry to hear that you lost Tim, I think we all know the pain you'd have felt when he died but it eases slowly, and what fun you'll have with your new sibling pair, Abby and Tom. I followed the link and enjoyed reading about the pleasure others have had, I bought sibling Australian Cattle Dogs myself 15 years ago, then got another pup a month later, and have never regretted it. In fact, while I am now looking for a new pup, your post here makes me really wish it was going to be two pups. LOL. My single pup though will have 6 shelties to play with and learn off. Don't you doubt your ability to cope though, anyone who can do agility well can manage to rear two together I'm sure. Love your breed by the way and I hope you'll post photo's - lots of photo's.
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