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Well Hazel it really depends on alot of factors. First off it didnt sound like he had anything injured. They always take them to the rehab facility for a check up when they come down in that way. He likely hit pretty hard and that would be the fear. They also indicated he has no muscle and what they normally do in this case is put him in a flight cage and make his wings strong. They will feed him quail and lots of yummy things so at the very least he will eat for sure! sometimes they put meds in the quail meat.

As for returning to the ledge "no". If its a quick visit to rehab and back then they will release him on a nearby or even the roof of the nest building usually under the cover of darkness. Most of them just hang out on the roof until Mom and Dad come to visit or they make another attempt at flight??

If Thompson is gone for an extended period they will decide where to release her. A couple of years ago a youngin named Blue Foot was gone from the nest for over 2 weeks. They returned her to the roof as usual but suspected their might be a problem. Blue Foot was a great flyer and she took off from the roof and Surge went after her, stooping her and he actually knocked her into one of the buildings twice. Madame X and her other fledgling came to her and Surge stopped. So even after a couple of weeks its a tough call on whether the parents forget them and think its an intruder.

The facility has done a faboulous job in the past so I am confident she will come home without any issues.

Now for the other 2...they had a nice BIG meal and where asleep when I checked last...but you never know the natives could be restless!!!
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