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Hi I am new...

Please forgive my bad english!

Hi, I my name is Jenny, and I am a swedish woman, living in Spain (Europe).

I found this forum because I have had a bit of regret lately, regarding getting two puppies (siblings). Reading the internet doesn't really help at all... But then I found a thread here that was so helpful. Sadly the thread ended due to a "troll". Anyway, I found it so "uplifting" and so informative, that I now feel a lot better. Thank you so much to all the wonderful people answering, giving constructive answers, and giving hope.

As you can see from my "profilename", I have Groenendaels (Belgian shepherds) at home. My dogs are first of all members of the family, we enjoy all our holidays together, hiking, biking, skiing... And then there is of course; Agility! I must confess, I am a complete agility addict. Most weekends we are traveling around the country, competing in agility.

I got my first dog, Tim, 12 years ago, and that was when my whole life changed, and everything in my life became about dogs and agility. Sadly Tim died last week. Loosing him completely broke my heart. This is why I started doubting my abilities in raising the latest addition to the family; 2 siblings from "working-lines" (malinois background) Groenendaels. The "babies" are called Abby and Tom, they are now 16 weeks. They are really funny puppies to train, and to "be around" in general.

Thank you so much again, to the people answering in this thread (!

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