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Originally Posted by mikischo View Post
The most adorable looking muggers I ever did see.

But the ankles. That must have smarted.
Nah, the ankle attack was definitely just a "back-off!" message - didn't hurt much. They just kind of batted at me. I've been pinched by a goose in the past so I know they can inflict a pretty good bruise if they really wanted to. I think this pair is generally so used to people that they've learned some hissing and rushing usually does the trick. Normally I wouldn't have gone near them, I just didn't see them coming!

Mall security said the chicks hatched about 10 days ago. This pair build a nest somewhere on the upper parkade at this mall every year. Security watches out for them, puts up security fencing around the nest if they can find it and leave plates full of goose pellets and bowls of fresh water as well. Last year one of them brought in a kid's bottle cap pool for the little ones to swim around in! I didn't have the camera phone until recently so I've never gotten a photo before now.
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