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Hi there :)

I suppose I should start off with the pet to which I am here.

Sparky is my 3 year old fur-baby. Vets say he's Pomeranian, he says he's human. But actually, he's 100% Pomeranian, and I like to say I rescued him from the pet store.

I saw him in the window, he looked so .. blah & ill, I actually started crying. I never stay near the dog's in that store because they put the bird cages behind you, and me with a horrible fear of birds.. yeah. I just stared at him for a good 30 minutes, with the other dogs barking and he just layed there by himself. I put my finger on the window and he came to smell it (yet he couldn't) so I 'rescued' him, even if I did have to pay CRAZY amounts.

They failed to tell us he was on that day 2 months old, where he was at the store for something like 10 days - meaning he was taken from his Momma early.

We brought him to the vet a couple days later and that's where everything went DOWNHILL.

He was underweight, and a couple other things I can't remember right now.

Not long after (maybe a month) he got 'puppy acne' to which we brought him to a vet hospital as it was Fathers Day weekend and his vet wasn't open. They sedated him to look at him and dragged him on the floor by his collar when they didn't think we were looking.

So when they released him (puppy acne was around his mouth & eyes) they gave him some PILLS to take. Uh, he can't take pills!
We got him to his own vet where he had a 'sleepover' for a night, they scraped it off and he was A-Ok after that

Last year we brought him in for his checkup and the vet saw his irregular heartbeat was really off so they did Xrays, Sparky has an enlarged heart, somewhat collapsed trachea (sp) and a hutch back, and a big medical meaning his knee's are crap.

So now he's not allowed to run or play like that, he sleeps SO much, about 18 hours a day, but he's not suffering.

So, this is my baby. Sorry for the long post.

Here is he in a laundry basket. He LOVES sitting in there and will jump in himself if the basket is out.
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