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So I suppose it's panic time if a porcupine wanders near your dogs, and a very good argument for having a brilliant recall? Golly, they must fire the quills hard. What do they feed on up the trees? Ours of course are Spiny anteaters, so they just fossick around on the ground, in the forest over the road it isn't unusual to find a few meat ant nests ripped open by Echidnas, but you can never find the echidna, they're extremely well camouflaged. I tried to pick one up that was in a horse paddock, but it started to dig itself into the ground and even a canvas winter horse rug doubled wasn't enough to
stop the spines digging into my hands. They don't fire their spines at you though.
OMG! Squirrels have LITTERS, not just twins or quads. What happens when there is a plague of them? Is there a big cull? We've never had rats here(in our area I mean) and sounds like we don't really want squirrels after all, regardless of how cute they are . I'll admire from afar, with pleasure. Rotten things, eating baby birds.
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