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Originally Posted by Goldfields View Post
Golly, that Porcupine is so 'different' , nothing like our Echidna. I did miss any other photo's you may posted of it. I'd never have imagined that they would climb a tree.
They spend most of their time in trees, which is a good thing. The quills are protective for the porcupines--if a dog or other predator comes across one on the ground, they're at risk for getting quilled severely in the face. The quills detach from the porcupine and are imbedded in the target. It can be a fatal encounter...and usually costs hundreds of dollars in vet bills to have the quills removed.

Luckily, porcupines tend to be very mild-mannered critters. We've had two setters go up to a porcupine clinging to a tree trunk a foot or so off the ground and sniff curiously at the tail. Had the porky been in a grumpy mood or felt too threatened, the dogs would have had a nasty surprise. But in both cases, the porcupine just waddled further up the tree and the dog escaped unscathed. Heaven help a dog that tries to bite a porcupine, though!

Originally Posted by Goldfields View Post
How many babies would a red Squirrel have? I see she has at least 4 teats. You've got some awfully cute animals in the States. Why couldn't they have been introduced here instead of foxes and rabbits?
Red squirrels have between 1 and 7 babies in a litter, up to two litters in a year according to my venerable old wildlife book. So they can increase in number pretty quickly...and they can be pretty destructive. They like wires and air filters under the hoods of cars and can do some major damage to dry wall if they get into your attic. They also do a number on bird feeders and aren't above taking a bird or two out a nest when the opportunity arises. So they likely wouldn't be much better than rats when it comes to introducing them into an area where they aren't native...

Originally Posted by lindapalm View Post
Your camera takes really good close up shots, what kind do you have?
Nikon D90 with a VR 70 - 300 mm I'm really not that close. I get as close as I can, zoom in and, if I've gotten enough resolution, I'll crop an image to get in close. (In other words, I cheat )

Originally Posted by Claudia36oh View Post
Great pictures Hazel, love the chipmunk and the squirrels and of course the doe shot is great, love them all
Thx, Claudia.
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