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There are tons of folks watching out for them so we can only hope for the best!

Update from today!


Monday June 13, 2011 - Falconwatch Coordinator Annika Samuelsen reports: Today was mostly overcast with a little light rain in the late afternoon. Pigott continues to progress and is now up and flapping more often on the ledge. Gore and Thompson were observed preening each other throughout the day. All three chicks spent a lot of time up on the ledge, either perched or laying flat on their bellies with legs extended backwards. They shared a medium-sized bird one of the adults dropped off at the nest mid-morning, taking turns tearing off pieces of meat with their beaks and manipulating them with their feet. Pigott still has quite a bit of down left on her head, rump and legs, while Gore and Thompson have almost completely molted into their brown juvenile plumage. The youngsters went to bed with their tummies full after Madame X delivered another medium-sized bird to the nest just before 9 PM, shown in the image at left. Note Pigott's still very white head.
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