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Originally Posted by Karen4dogs View Post
My Border Collie puppy had his 1st vaccination for distemper almost 3 weeks ago with a modified live vaccine. One week later, he couldn't walk and when I brought him to the animal hospital he was diagnosed with vaccine induced polyarthritis. He was on I.V overnight, and given pain meds, steroids, and antibiotics for a week.
He seemed to recover and yesterday his problems started all over again.
He is unable to walk due to the pain and inflammation in his joints. I carry him out to go to the bathroom and he just falls over. My vet says he has never seen this severe of a reaction before. I would like to know if anyone out there has heard of this before. I am taking him to the vet again tomorrow to see what can be done.
Any help or info would be greatly appreciated.
Are you positive the reaction was to a distemper vaccine or was he given a combo such as DHPP which contains distemper, hepatitis, parvo, and a flue shot.

I would not re-vaccinate this dog ever if the reaction was this bad. Some vets will suggest combining the vaccine with additional meds to counter the effects of the reaction, I think that's being very irresponsible and not keeping the dog's best interest in mind. I would just do rabies every 3 years which is all that is required by law and do things to boost the immune system.

I was having a conversation with a lady this weekend who's dog had an extreme reaction to a lepto vaccine which eventually caused the dog's death within 2yrs.
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