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Originally Posted by klmccallum View Post
The bee is very busy on my unknown rose.

I've done some research and it somewhat resembles the old species, Rosa Californica, "Plena". I'd love to find out what it is but in the meantime, I'm so grateful it survived the transplant.
klm, check this link and see if it could possibly be the French rose, Belle Poitevine. The leaves on yours look like a rugosa leaf, but compare the description I have in a rose catalogue also .....In addition to the lovely mid pink semi double flowers, this plant also produces attractive coloured Autumn foliage and bright hips. Recurrent flowering. 2 metres tall.
Don't be put off by yours being a richer colour, weather conditions can make roses do crazy things, but if yours doesn't produce hips etc. then it can't be this one. It's just the form of your rose made me think of this one.
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