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Thanks for the info cell.

Casey has been on rest for 1 week and she's doing better already. I think her torn ligament has healed. She doesn't limp often anymore, however she does still walk a little stiff. So I hope she's at a lower grade now for this condition.

If she's still at a grade 4 (she's due for a check up in 1 week now), I will get a second opinion. I'm not too fond of my vet I take her to how. He isn't very friendly, but the assisting staff are very pleasant to deal with.

It is the surgery I am afraid of. It sounds very invasive and scary to me. I'd hate to put my puppy through this at such a young age! (But if it's necessary I will get it done, but I will get more opinions first for sure.) She's still a baby, she's not 1 year old until early September.

I live in Edmonton, Alberta. I haven't a clue what the surgery would cost around this area. I'm sure if I took her to a close, but out of town vet it may be cheaper (as long as the vet is reputable and experienced doing the surgery).

I got my puppy from my Aunt, who go her dogs off breeders. Which ones, I'm not sure, but I know they were 2 separate breeders. I'm sure if I asked, she would tell me who they were. I talked to her about this condition and she hasn't heard of it. Both of Casey's parents do not have this problem. Ella (female) is 3-years-old and Leo (male) is 1.5-years-old (approximately). They are both well loved, taken care for and have had no such problems.

Casey is spayed already, she was spayed at 6.5 months old.

She does like to play, pounce on her toys while playing fetch and she loves to run! So I can't imagine her having to heal and rest for 4 weeks after such an invasive surgery.

Thanks for your advice and help. It's much appreciated!
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