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I have a update. I just gave away the new pup to a family with 4 kids. They had a dog in the pass but it got hit by a car and... RIP

They have been looking for new dog for a little while now but with no luck. When they saw his face they fell in love right away, they asked me if he was for sale and i said no.

After a couple of days seeing the kids play with dog and getting more attention then i could ever give him, i decided to give them the dog with only one condition, that i could come and visit whenever i want and get to take him camping once in a while. They said yes with a BIG smile! I went to see him yesterday and he looks like he's really enjoying his new house and family

It made me sad to let him go, but now that i see how he's happy im shure i did the right thing. They are big animal lovers like me so im not to worried.

I just think that with the new job, new hours and everything, i dont have time to train 2 dogs, ill be focusing on Bully for now.

But dont worry guys, ill be taking pictures everytime and go and visit him, and post them on here
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