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I'm laughing, Chico, because recently a Garden Express catalogue arrived and the clematis I marked as a 'must have' is (I think) that one you've shown a photo of. Is it's name Niobe? It's beautiful. Your Spiderwort is lovely and looking it up finally gave me the name of its relative that I have here, Tradescantia pallida 'Purple Heart', so thanks for showing that one. Peony roses are also for sale in that catalogue, one rare one they want $18 for, which I suppose is better than their Tree Peonies, $38 each. I'm tempted but maybe it'd be too hot here. Yours is gorgeous anyway amd I'm suitably envious. Your fuzzy rose looks a bit like Iced Ginger.
Must cut this short(ha! ha!) , I am giving my roses some Seasol today. Oh, looked Peonies up and they can be grown here. Yay!
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